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What We Think, We Grow!

Be AgriculturE

Purpose & Method

Be Agriculture is a consulting agency that works through storytelling, systems-thinking, and regenerative projects. 

The mission and the vision is to heal the people and the planet through agriculture.


We see agriculture as the intersection of food, farming, and health. Eating is an agricultural act, we are all agricultural beings, if we get back to basics we can engage the big challenges of our time - the solutions live in the soil 


Our life support systems are failing, but we can fix them with regenerative methods that recognize that the Earth - and our cities, and our landscapes, and our farms - are an organism. That we live in the Earth, not just on it. 


Regenerative agriculture is the answer. This is the work. 


So the question becomes, how can we work together to grow the world we know is possible? 


Evan Folds ~"The Soil Doctor"



I work as a regenerative business consultant motivated to fill the gaps and bring the spirit.
Let's explore.


As a professional copywriter and published writer, let me help you craft the perfect brand and marketing materials for your business.