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Evan Folds ~"The Soil Doctor"

After 16+ years in regenerative agriculture I'm convinced that the way we grow and eat food is, both, the source AND the solution to all of the problems that we face.


Agriculture lives at the intersection of farming, eating, and health - this is where I work. 

We can grow healthy people with commitment to living soil methods, Real Food, and incentive towards healthy ecosystems.


Agriculture is the answer. This is the mission. 


If you are a farmer who wants to transition to regenerative methods, let's talk.


If you want to develop your Personal Agriculture and grow your own food & medicine, I want to help you do it

If you are not a grower, my goal is to inspire you to claim your seat at the table, come Be a Part of Agriculture. 


Together, we can change the world for the better - one bite and one garden at a time!


Please browse the blog to discover fresh ideas about agriculture, food, and health.

​Join me as we change the world for the better, one garden(er) at a time.

Be a farmer, start a garden!

        - The “Soil Doctor” Evan Folds