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Secrets of the Soil

by Peter Tompkins & Christopher Byrd

You may have heard of the book called The Secret Life of Plants. Stevie Wonder did the soundtrack for the documentary movie in 1979 based around a fascinating exploration of the physical, emotional, and spiritual relations between plants and humans.

The authors Peter Tompkins and Christopher Byrd wrote an even more incredible follow up book called Secrets of the Soil. It did not receive the same critical acclaim as The Secret Life of Plants, primarily because the authors took an even riskier dive into the spiritual and esoteric concepts of soil and agriculture.

Rather than take the perspective of the plant, Secrets of the Soil tells the story of the soil by way of innovative farmers, scientists, and mystics who utilize novel techniques such as Rudolf Steiner’s biodynamic methods, Dan Carlson’s Sonic Bloom sound frequency work, and many other incredible technologies that have the capacity to help us heal and regenerate agriculture in powerful ways.

There is a chapter on rock dust, the soil food web, the legendary health and longevity of the Hunza people from the Himalayas, and a chapter called “Weeds: Guardians of the Soil” that discusses complete system farming and describes how weeds do so much more to protect the soil than to harm it. And there is even an entire chapter on the efficacy of the vortex in water described through the work of Patrick Flanagan and the great Viktor Schauberger.

Secrets of the Soil is a clarion call for changing agriculture for the better. Written in a non-technical voice, Secrets of the Soil is revolutionary in its scope and required reading for anyone interested in the secrets of the natural world. It goes beyond agriculture to probe the primal mysteries of the soil and presents a compelling picture for the regeneration of our planet.

Conventional agriculture is failing us. Secrets of the Soil not only provides potential answers to the questions many are not even asking yet, but it does so in a way that is entertaining and approachable. If you are serious about agriculture and human health you will be moved by the message.

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