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Soil Test Solutions Rx - Self Sample

Soil Test Solutions Rx - Self Sample


(Read below for important instructions.)

Soil Test Solutions
(STS) is a powerful tool for the home gardener and farmer. We generate complete data on essential nutrients, then provide a detailed report of the steps to take to improve your soil. 


We have designed the process to be simple. in the Self Sample module you generate the soil testing data from Logan Labs and we write a custom Rx for your soil to bring into mineral balance. 


Soil Test Solutions (STS) Self Sample Steps:


#1: Client Generates Soil Test Data from Logan Labs
#2: Client Emails With Results  
#3: Be Ag Delivers Rx Results Via Email within 5 days


This means that you are dealing with Logan Labs directly, and emailing us when you get the results back.

Also, we are happy to answer most questions via email, but require purchase of a consulting package to get into detail or for phone consultation. 

We take the complication out of the process, but we want you to understand what we are doing. Read our blog post Soil Testing Demystified to learn more about our soil testing process. 

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