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What we think, we grow!

Evan Folds here, I have 18+ years experience helping people grow beyond organic gardens and farms, and develop what I call "Personal Agriculture".

This page describes the opportunity behind the Living Landscapes Program


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Be a farmer, start a garden!

My experience is that once we know how to think about the natural world in a healthy way, results follow. Our perspective drives our actions.

Ecosystems are completely connected, they are "forests, not trees". As it is with any ecosystem, the key to a successful garden, landscape, or farm is how everything works together


Generally, the way we teach ourselves agriculture is all wrong. When it comes to farming, gardening, and lawn care, our approach to life is based in death, we are trying to grow plants using artificial methods and materials at the expense of the ecosystem - it's backwards.


The solutions are easy, but not always obvious - we must "grow soil", not just plants. We must look at the problems as the solutions. We must take an ecosystem approach. This takes doing some things differently, and most of all, clarity and healthy perspective.  

Without knowing it, most growers are working against themselves, stuck in a vicious cycle of false expectations that artificial fertilizers and toxic man-made pesticides and herbicides can result in a healthy and successful landscape, garden, or farm that gets better season after season.

For example, if you use fertilizer you are familiar with NPK (nitrogen, phsophorous & potassium). These are called the macronutrients. This is three elements, did you know that a plant requires at least 17 in order to grow? 


Did you know that there are also trace elements? Most agronomists do not consider trace elements to be required by the plant, but they also do not consider the ecosystem. Why would Mother Nature make an element not needed in the soil

Over the years I have helped thousands of people just like you navigate these challenges to start successful gardens and grow organic landscapes, and overwhelmingly the #1 thing preventing abundant success is our perspective towards the natural world.



It is an exercise in systems thinking...the way we think about the soil and our natural landscapes matters...a lot. 


Literally, what we think, we grow.


​What we are doing in our typical approach to gardening and farming is chasing symptoms and trying to shoot the messengers. The great Charles Walters called this "toxic rescue chemistry".

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Whether you are a homeowner, seasoned farmer or a beginning gardener, there is a better way.   

The process is simple. I offer the Living Landscapes Program to growers in-person on a local level, and virtually to anyone who want to get a project started, anywhere. Read below for the details. I also offer a 1-hour Consulting Call if you want to start on a more conceptual level. 


Let's get clear on the basics, learn some new living soil methods, and develop a plan of action. 


Ready to get started?