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Want better water in your life?

Let me help. 

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What is Activated Water?

Water is life. Goethe said, "Water sustains all". 

I have been studying the secrets of water for 15+ years, and am passionate about the study and sourcing of what I call "Activated Water".  


Why do we need to create better water?

Water is so much more than wet, capable of supporting human life on a higher level than what we typically have access to in our daily lives.


I want to help change this in a big way!


Activated Water Options

I have been studying water systems for 15+ years, and the Spring Aqua system is the most comprehensive unit for optimizing water I have ever seen. 

Not only does the Spring Aqua unit purify water, it adds back life enhancing properties including pH balancing, water structuring, and remineralization. 

If you are serious about the best water for you and your family, this is for you. 

For complete information visit:

And let me know if you have questions!


Let's Get Started...

There is not much more important than clean energized water. 


That's right, better water can change your life for the better!

And I'm not only talking about water that is clean and free of pollution, but energized water that is more capable of hydrating your cells and carrying away toxins.


If water cannot penetrate your cell aquaporins it cannot do its job! 

Activated Water is water that is created with the purpose of facilitating life, but in today's world we must do this on purpose, and I can help guide you.  


Stay tuned, soon I will be releasing the Activated Drinking Water Guide as a tool for thinking critically about drinking water.   

If you are new to idea of Activated Water, begin thinking about water in a new way by reading The Story of Water

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