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Introducing Be Agriculture!

Updated: May 27, 2018

You know how it is, the idea comes and forms in your mind so clear you can taste it, but then you have to do the hard work of making it real and bringing it into the world. The beginning is now.

I am excited to introduce you to my website:

This work is a culmination of my over 15 years experience working in agriculture coaching and consulting growers and challenging people to think more deeply and broadly about the scope of the food system and growing food and medicine.

The tagline for Be Agriculture is "What we think, we grow". It has been my experience that once we are considering our soil, plants, and living systems in a more wholistic way, we become more successful at generating the results that we want.

When we have a clear vision for how soil works, when we dedicate ourselves to the idea that our food can be medicine, not only become better growers, but we start realizing that agriculture is the problem and, at the same time, the solution to basically every issue facing modern humanity.

The bottom line - if we fix the soil, we fix ourselves. This is the mission of Be Agriculture.

I have already started to publish content on the Blog, please take a look and share the content with your networks.

Very soon I will start publishing videos, complimented by gardening classes on a range of gardening topics like composting, soil testing, compost tea, activated water, and so much more. They will be complimented by more in depth online courses that can be completed over time.

Take a look at our Soil Test Solutions program. Not only will we generate complete data on the essential nutrients, but I will follow up with a report that will guide you in what you need to add to achieve mineral balance in your soil, along with considerations for physical, biological, and energetic health in your garden or farm. I call this BioEnergetic Agriculture.

And I am also making myself available for personal consultation. You can choose to put me on-call or on-email monthly, or we can schedule a dedicated hour where we will detail your goals and I will follow up with a custom report specific to your growing application. I am also doing site visits for local gardeners and farmers, and can travel if the project warrants.

Want to convert you hydroponic operation to "organic"? Want to become a more profitable farmer by increasing yields and saving money on your water and fertilizer bills? Want to stop chasing all of the symptoms in your garden? Want to grow your soil, not just your plants? We can do all of this and more.

The solution to the ills of conventional farming is to take our rightful place within the food system, and become a righteous part of agriculture again. Not everyone can grow their own food, but we all can raise our hands and be counted. I call it developing “Personal Agriculture”.

Here's how it works:​

  1. Eat Our Ideals = “Eating is an Agricultural Act

  2. Buying Power = “We Eat What We Purchase

  3. Grow Your Own = “Everyone Should Grow a Functional Plant

  4. Be Your Own Expert = “Your Health is in Your Hands

To help spread the message of real food and human empowerment I am writing a book with Dr. Maurice Werness we are calling "The Food Movement". We are in the beginning stages and have set up a Patreon page to help fund the effort.

If you are moved by this message and would like to support us, we would be very grateful. Please share the movement with your friends: Food Movement Patreon Page

My goal is to inspire growers and eaters everywhere to raise their hands and take a seat at the table. Join me?

I look forward to sharing and learning from you all as we go. We've got a lot of work to do!


Evan Folds - "The Soil Doctor"


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