Food Lawns

What we think, we grow!

Evan Folds here, I have 17+ years experience helping people develop what I call "Personal Agriculture" and grow successful beyond organic gardens.


The goal of the Food Lawns project is to produce healthier, more functional and edible landscapes by reconnect people to the regenerative power of agriculture and living soil methods.   

The following services are a starting point for your small farm revolution!

Be a farmer, start a garden!

Your landscape is an ecosystem, and the key to a successful garden or landscape is healthy living soil.


Generally, the way we teach ourselves agriculture is all wrong. When it comes to gardening and lawn care, our approach to life is based in death, we are trying to grow plants at the expense of the ecosystem - it's backwards.

The solutions are easy, but not always obvious - we must "grow soil", not just plants. This takes doing some things differently, and most of all, a healthy perspective.  

Big picture, rather than work with the natural rhythm and process of Mother Nature, home gardeners and commercial lawn care companies do the opposite, leaving growers with the false expectation that artificial fertilizers and toxic man-made pesticides and herbicides can result in a healthy landscape.

The inattention to natural process leaves the average landscape a toxic dead zone, riddled with weak plants that attract pest infestations, and plant disease. In response we plant more plants hoping for a different result, and try more chemicals to kill back the problems, and round and round we go. 

This vicious cycle is the plight of the average landscape. Over the years I have helped thousands of people just like you navigate these challenges and start successful gardens and grow organic landscapes, and overwhelmingly the #1 thing preventing abundant success in the garden is our perspective towards the natural world.




The way we think about the soil and our ecosystems matter...a lot. 


Literally, what we think, we grow.


This concept is the first step to success...our perspective drives our actions.


For instance, if we convince ourselves that pests and plant disease are bad luck, and that weeds are creeping in from our neighbors yard, then our inclination will be to try and kill the problem with chemicals.

What we are doing here is chasing the symptoms and shooting the messengers. The great Charles Walters called this "toxic rescue chemistry".

Whether you are a seasoned or beginning farmer, I can show you a better way.   

The process is simple. Purchase one of the Virtual or In-Person coaching sessions and let's get clear on the basics, learn some new living soil methods, and make a plan. 


Then, if you need some farm construction I can refer experienced farm contractors that can build out your urban homestead - chicken coops, raised beds, hydroponic systems, bee hives, you name it. 

So, let's clean up and get more out of your landscape, what kind of urban farm do you want?

Here are some of the topics we can cover - composting, organic fertility, soil food web, aquaponics, compost tea, hydroponics, permaculture, natural pest & disease control, biodynamics, organic lawn care, agroforestry, base saturation soil testing, and more.


Here are some specific project ideas to inspire the imagination for your home and landscape:


  • Turn your front (or back) yard into a farm!

  • Apply living soil methods like cover crops or brewing compost tea

  • Do a lawn & garden product audit & replace the toxic chemicals with natural options

  • Engage specific pest problems like grubs, moles, ground pearl, or plant disease problems

  • No ground to work with? Grow in containers or self-watering hydroponic gardens

  • Turn trash into treasure and start composting, or keep worms!

  • Have an indoor closet or garage space? I can help you build a grow room 

  • Use Soil Test Solutions to generate a specific mineral Rx for your soil

  • Buy a Food Lawn appointment or a raised bed as a birthday, anniversary, or holiday gift

  • So much more!!

Who knows, you could end up like the Urban Farmer Curtis Stone and start generating $100,000 a year in revenue from your 1/4 acre residential home. Watch a video tour of Curtis's farm HERE.  

Send an email to if you have questions about a Food Lawn appointment. I can even provide a FREE 15-minute connecting call to explain the details. 

What are you waiting on? Get in touch, and let's get growing :)